Voyeur Experiences

In these voyeur experiences you can come and see whats its like behind the scenes on an amateur porn shoot.

Immerse your self in the sexual fun by being the camera man during one of our amateur adult shoots.

Each experience lasts 90 minutes offering you the chance to control the action and the camera during the session.

You will be in charge of recording 4 x 15 minute clips during the session.
You will have full control of what happens and when as per your the experience you book.

Our voyeur experiences are available with various different models/stars.
Please note models shown in pictures/videos all work for us but are not guaranteed to be the ones offering the experience on the day, you will be told who will be starring at the time of booking.

What will I film?

You have your choice between:

Male/Male Experience
Male/Female Experience
Male/Male/Female Experience

During the session what content you record will depend on what choices you made at booking.

What different experiences can I book?

The Basic Experience will offer you the chance to film 2 x 15 minute clips of each model solo playing.
£150 for 90 minute experience.

The Play Experience will offer you the chance to film 1 x 15 minute clip of each model solo playing and then 2 x 15 minute clips of the models playing together.
£150 for 90 minute experience.

The Full Experience will offer you the chance to film 3 x 15 minute clips of the models playing together (general foreplay etc) and then 1 x 15 minute clip of full sexual intercourse.
£200 for 90 minute experience.

What happens after the filming?

Between filming and after filming is finished the remainder of your 90 minute session can be used for chatting, questions, finishing your self off etc.

You are offered the option to record a 2 minute private clip on your own device in your remaining session time that you can keep forever as a memory of your experience.

Any Extra costs I should know about?

If you wish and all models involved are comfortable, we offer an Extras Experience which allows you to pay extra to play with the model(s) off-camera in your remaining experience time.

The fee for this is £50 per model, so if you wish to play with more than 1 model during the experience, it will cost £50 extra per model you choose to play with.

Please remember this is at the discretion of the models working on that day and is charged in person on the day if everyone is comfortable.
Please also note that you have 30 minutes of time to work with when playing so plan your time wisely.

All footage recorded on the day is done so on Jimbob Star Productions equipment and all footage belongs completely to the company, excluding your personal clip.

Jimbob Star Productions reserves the rights to distribute and do as they wish with all footage recorded during a shoot.

Video/audio are edited to remove any talking or camera shots that include the client prior to usage/distribution of any kind.

Privacy and anonymity of the client is of our highest priority during these experiences.

How old do I need to be?

You must be over the age of 21 to come and take part in any of our voyeur experiences, please note you will be asked to provide a photo of your photographic Identification at the time of booking and this same ID must be presented on arrival to your session.

Where are the sessions held?

All sessions are held in around West Yorkshire at one of the models houses, to give the true amateur porn experience all footage is shot in our actual lived in homes.

Most sessions are within 5 miles Leeds City Centre, upon booking you will be given the full address along with the time/date of your session, we will include public transport information also if required.

Ok I am turned on now how do I book?

You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook to book in with us for all our experiences.
We will confirm availability of venues and models during the booking process to ensure you are getting everything your heart desires.

How do I pay?

At the time of booking you must pay a 50% deposit for your experience, this will secure the time/date of your booking to ensure someone else doesnt book it.

If you cancel for any reason after booking/paying your deposit, the deposit is non-refundable.
If for any reason we have to cancel the booking you will have the option to re-arrange the booking with a discount or have a full refund off your deposit.

Payment is made via bank transfer, all banking information will be given at the time of booking.

The remainder of your booking can be paid via bank transfer or cash on the day of your experience.

Please remember that the Extra Experience payments must be made on the day also.